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E-Learning Is The Need Of The Hour.

January 15, 2022 | 

With the outbreak and spread of Covid-19, the education system has undergone a drastic change. This change was not anticipated and teachers had to set-up classrooms at home overnight. Work from home has become the new norm. It was not so simple for the teachers to move away from the traditional way of teaching to online teaching. Teachers at St Blaise have accepted the challenge in the current situation so,
“Learning must not stop”. This online option has brought education to us without us going anywhere. Teachers are making the best of this situation by exploring new methods of teaching and assessment. Teachers are putting in so much efforts to make each and every class interesting. This pandemic has strengthened the bond of Teacher- parent relationship. I hope over the years, this bond will be tightened.
Stay home – Stay safe.

Mrs. Arlene Vaz
Head Teacher (Primary)

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