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The Musicians with instruments of 7th and 8th standard students showcasing their talents

July 12, 2021 | Secondary

The 7th and 8th Standard students played various instruments to the best of their abilities. From Standard 7th,12 students participated and from Standard 8th, 7 students participated. A total of 19 students participated each played their respective instrument for three minutes of duration. A wonderful orchestra of talents and a fun-filled program. A great effort from the teacher-in-charge, Judges and Participants.

Std 7th Prize winners
1) Sanchit Phadke – 1st Prize.
2) Sinome D’souza – 2nd prize
3) Solomon Dominique – 3rd prize
4) Shaun Pereira – 3rd prize.
Consolation prize – 1) Vrushti Chavan


Std 8th Prize winners,
1) Vivian D’costa – 1st prize
2) Gargi Rahate – 2nd prize
3) Angel Fernandes – 2nd prize
Consolation prize,
1) Scarlett Pereira
2) Cris Lobo

Judges – 1. Mr.Amresh Kumar (H.M.Public School Music Teacher and music composer and singer in the Bollywood film industry.
2. Mrs.Jolene Rodrigues Assistant Teacher St.Blaise High School.

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