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About St. Blaise High School

St. Blaise High School is a co-ed Catholic Minority educational institution founded around 1879 and managed by the Diocesan Clergy of St. Blaise Church, Amboli. The school aims at giving an all round education primarily to the Catholic community for whose education the institution was established. The school falls within the religious jurisdiction of the Catholic Archdiocese of Bombay and is a member of the Archdiocesan Board of Education. The Secondary school is recognized by the Government of Maharashtra and Primary by the Corporation of Greater Mumbai. It comprises of ten standards and in the tenth standard it prepares pupils for the Secondary School Certificate Examination of the Mumbai Board Education. It also prepares children for the Government Drawing Examinations. Hindi and Marathi Public Examination.

History of St. Blaise High School

The origin of St. Blaise’s School is shrouded in the mists of history. Although the church of St. Blaise traces its  foundation to the time of the arrival of the Franciscan missionaries in Bombay in the XVI century, the school, according to various documents of the past, goes back no further than the second half of the XIX century. The Catholic Directory of Bombay archdiocese states that St. Blaise’s school was probably founded in 1870.

Various other documents like the Thana Gazetter and the Examiner refer to a school in Amboli in 1887. All things considered, it seems reasonable to conclude that St. Blaise School saw the light of day most probably in 1879.

Its founder according to evidence available was Fr. Erasmo Francisco Xavier who was the parish priest of St. Blaise Church (1874 – 1881)

The school is mentioned again in documents of 1943. In those years it was housed in a rented private bungalow in Kevni Village. In 1950 the school moved a new bldg at its present location. The new bldg was blessed by late Cardinal Valerian Gracias.

The first principal of the high school was late Fr. A.Pascal D’Souza. He was succeeded by late Bishop Winnibald Menezes and thereafter by late Fr. Santan F. Dharmai who was at the helm of affairs from 1957 – 1974.

In conclusion, we may state that St. Blaise High School is today a well established educational institution, which has made its mark in the academic sphere over the years since its inception. True to its motto, it strives to inculcate in its students a love for Goodness, Discipline and Knowledge- Characteristics which can surely make of today’s student population worthy citizens of our country tomorrow. However, yet more remains to be done and no school can be content to rest on its laurels. With the progress of education and civilization, fresh needs and demands calls for greater efforts and initiatives if the school is to lead its pupils with confidence into the challenging future that awaits them.

Our Vision

Imparting education for life and emphasising on all round development of each child: Spiritual, Moral, Intellectual, Social, Emotional and Physical.

Our Motto

The school motto is ‘TEACH US VIRTUE DISCIPLINE AND WISDOM’. It invites students to be virtuous, disciplined and use wisdom to be a responsible citizen.


Our Mission

  • To help children build a strong faith in God and in themselves

  • To empower children to be well balanced citizens

  • To use technology aided learning effectively

  • To help children unfold their potential

  • To promote value based learning

  • To develop a positive attitude towards environment and life.


Fr.Adrian (Manager)

Dear Students, Parents and my Staff members,

I take this opportunity at the onset of my tenure as the Manger of this school to share with you my personal ethos.
When I was ordained a priest, I chose my ordination logo to be “Behold here I am to live for you and others”. It is a challenge that I try and live up to each and every day. I dedicate myself and my energies to this institution and to each of you, so that each of us may grow in this environment and realize our potential to the fullest.

A simple acronym
    T – together
    E – everyone
    A – achieves
    M – more

brings home a the powerful truth that when we all toil with a common objective, then our collective achievement will far surpass that which any one of us can do alone.

I paraphrase Robert Shuller who said that “For God, every person is a gold mine of hidden potential”. It is therefore beholden for us as parents and educators to identify the talents that God has bestowed on each of these children entrusted to our care and then help nurture them so that they will excel at that skill.
I ask you to join me on this journey together and wish you well at the start of this academic year.

Best wishes and God bless

Sr.Bindu Joseph
(Head Mistress)

As we welcome the first showers of monsoon season which has brought about a change from dry, dusty surrounding to a pure, clean and verdant environment, so pleasant and pleasing for us to begin school once again on a new note. I, Sr. Bindu Joseph on behalf of the management of St. Blaise High School welcome each one of you as we begin this new academic year 2019 – 2020.

At the onset it gives me immense pleasure to welcome our new Assistant Headmistress, Mrs. Annie Mathew and we look forward to working with her with total dedication and commitment.

I welcome SSC results with grace and honour. The S.S.C. results of March 2018-2019 has indeed done us proud – of course the 100% did elude us but I must say, more than marks we have instilled in our students good values thus making them confident human beings ready to face the challenging world ahead.

This outstanding results would not have been possible without the team spirit and co-operation of you my dear teachers for which I say congratulations – well done and keep it up. Thank you and welcome you to this new academic year with renewed spirit to begin anew with a resolve to reach greater heights.


It is indeed our endeavour to educate all children, but dear parents I feel, it is also your obligatory duty to continue the same ethics and keep your children under due control and help them achieve their goals and this can be achieved only if you spend quality time with your children – keep them away from the mobile, or handle them with care. Expose them to good books and make reading a habit with this short message. I say welcome to you dear parents and looking forward to expect the best from you.


With a big smile I welcome you my dear students to the new academic year. What a joy it is to see all of you in your new school uniform. It is rightly said that “ Anything well begun is half done” i.e. if you start anything with a positive attitude, your work is already done. So make a list of the smallest ideas that will lead you to success, and I am sure we are here to guide you in the same all the way. Be punctual to school, respect and obey your parents, speak the truth always. Do no wrong and always have faith and believe in your self.

Wish you all a successful year . Welcome once again.

Mrs.Arlene Vaz
(Head Teacher)

“Education draws out the best in man and child, mind, body and spirit” – Gandhiji.”

As we stand on the threshold of a new academic year, I extend a very warm welcome to all. Every new academic year brings new hopes and new goals for life.

We believe that every student is unique, special and that all have the ability to learn. Our duty is to mentor, guide and facilitate the learning process. It is the legacy of our school to maintain the discipline and the academic excellence in the lives of our students.


It is of great importance that parents interact with the teachers concerning the progress of their child. Parent’s are welcome to volunteer their time and resources. Your involvement will show your children that you value their education.

So, let’s join hands in grooming the young minds, so that they may walk the path of life successfully!

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