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Science Day

March 1, 2021 

Science Day was celebrated on 1st March 2021. Classwise assembly was conducted based on science theme, various videos related to science were presented , std wise quiz was conducted and various competitions were held to invoke scientific reasoning among the students. On 3rd March video of all the competitions was presented virtually to the students.


The results are as follows
Std V Science Poem Recitation
1st place Vedant Bhakare 5C
2nd place Abigail Gonsalves 5A
3rd place Samiksha Pujari 5B
Harshit Dhavde 5B


Std VI Fancy Dress
1st place Ayesha Dorajiwala 6B
2nd place Mayuresh Chodankar 6A
3rd place Sanchit Phadke 6D


1st place Auxilia Britto 7D
2nd Shreya Birje 7D
3rd Deepak Enke 7C


Std VIII Science Elocution
1. Ruth Fernandes 8 D
2. Swara Desai 8 C
3. Vrushali Mahindrakar 8 D


Std IX Model Making
1. Vedika Bhakare and Durva Niugare 9 D
2. Adeline D’Souza 9 B
3. Shamiya Shaikh and Sanchita Kalasgaunde 9 C

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