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Childrens Day

25th November, 2023 | Secondary Section

Children's day was celebrated with great enthusiasm on 25th November in St. Blaise high school.
A day began with the Special Assembly conducted by Mrs. Anagha Bapat & Mrs. Jolene Rodriques assisted by other teachers. The day was full with surprises & excitement.
PTA members greeted students & small activities were carried out for the children. Students dressed as various sportsperson like Sania Mirza, Virat Kohli & Messi entered the classes & entertained the students. Various activities were done by the class teacher in their respective classes. During the day movie like Neil Batte Sannata, Baby's day out were shown to the children. On account of Children's day, "Food fair" was arranged.
The celebration came to an end with the distribution of Chocolates by PTA & the school management. Students enjoyed the day.

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