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Science Exhibition

11th to 13th December, 2023 | Secondary Section

The science exhibition for KP - west ward was held on 11th, 12th and 13th Dec in Hussain Allana High School, Oshiwara

The following events were conducted

Science Elocution:

2nd prize - Harshit Dhadve

1st consolation prize- Sanchit Phadke

Science quiz
No prize

Science Essay - Essay writing competition.
Junior Group
1st prize - Halima Dhorajiwala

Senior group
2nd Prize - Zanin Creado

Science skit - participation

Nature club - participation
were held prior to the exhibition. Entries under the following categories were send

Junior level model -
Topic - Contemporary and innovative agro techniques

Senior level model -
Topic - Lifestyle for environment

KP West ward level Science Exhibition. Senior group won the third prize under sub theme Live style for Environment .

Sanchit Phadke
Ayesha Dhorajiwala
Shashank Bhalerao

Junior level teaching aid
Topic :- Health, Diseases & Nutrition

Senior level teaching aid
Topic-Energy Flow in an ecosystem

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