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National Mathematics Day

19th December, 2023 | Secondary Section

National Mathematics Day was celebrated on 19th December 2023. A special assembly was conducted & charts were displayed. Competition of maths models was held in the school hall. A skit portraying the works of some Indian Mathematicians was enacted by students dressed as different Mathematicians.
Results of Maths Models Competition
Maths Models Competition held on account of National Maths Day on 19th December 2023.
Prize Winners
Junior Group

1st Place : Mohd. Hasnain sheikh (7C)

2nd Place : Mohd. Afhaam Raut (5D)

3rd Place : Aaliya Shaikh (7C)

Senior Group

1st Place : Sanchit Phadke (9C)

2nd Place: Vedant Shelar (9D)
Vedant Shingan (8D)
Vikrant Shingan (8B)

3rd Place : Zanin Creado (9D)
Hanna Shaikh (9B)
Yaffa Khan (9B)

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