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Patriotic Singing Competition cum Republic Day Celebration

24th & 25th January, 2024 | Primary Section

A Nation's culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people - Mahatma Gandhi.

Patriotic song competition - A patriotic song competition was conducted on 24th January 2024 for students of III and IV and 25th January 2024 for students of I and II
It was an inter class competition. Students participated enthusiastically and sang confidently. The whole class performed on the stage with a good presentation.

Fashion show- Students decked up well as freedom fighters and walked down the ramp spreading the message of patriotism.
A special assembly was conducted on this day by the students of std IV

75th Republic Day celebration was conducted on 26th January 2024 in school.
The primary section put up a dance display with Tri-colour rings which ignited the feeling of patriotism and Mast. Yusuf Khan delivered a mind blowing and thought provoking patriotic speech in English.

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