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Feast Celebration

3rd February, 2024 | Secondary Section

The Feast of our Patron, St. Blaise was celebrated on the school ground on 3rd February . The celebration Commenced with paying homage to St. Blaise as the statue was carried in the procession, A soothing prayer service was followed by a graceful prayer dance.

The idea of St. Blaise appearing on the rooftop of the school building added a mystical and memorable element to the event. An enacted interview between the student compere and St. Blaise made the celebration even more engaging and interactive for everyone involved. It was great to see creativity being infused into the celebration.

Some thrilling dance performances were put up by our students. The most awaited event of the year, UDAAN-7th edition Our school Magazine was released by our manager Rev Fr. Adrain Ferreira and our Headmistress Rev Sr. Bindu Joseph along with the entire editorial team.
Mast. Chris Lobo was declared the Best boy & Miss Auxilia Britto and Miss Angel Fernandes were declared Best girls for the academic year 2023-24. Teachers and students attended the holy mass in the church thereafter.

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