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Farewell to Mrs.Annie

20th April, 2024 | Secondary Section

A farewell function of our retiring head clerk, Mrs. Annie Fernandes, was held on Saturday, April 20, 2024, at 11 a.m. in the school hall.

Mrs. Annie has successfully completed almost four decades of service in our glorious institution and has been the cornerstone of our school's administrative success. The farewell function held in her honor was an emotional and memorable one, filled with fond memories and sincere goodbyes.

There were dance performances, both by students and staff members, which were an expression of gratitude and admiration they hold for Mrs. Fernandes in their hearts. Speeches were delivered by the Manager, Headmistress, and the Chief Guest, Mrs. Annie Fernandes herself, where words filled with emotions came from the depths of the heart. Later Ms Annie Fernandes in a symbolic gesture handed over the lamp of responsibility to the next senior Head Clerk Ms Albina Pereira.

While Ms Annie Fernandes' presence will be greatly missed, her influence and impact will continue to resonate within the corridors of St. Blaise.

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