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Thanks Giving Day

20th April, 2024 | Secondary Section

Thanksgiving Day for the academic year 2023-24 was organized on 20th April 2024 for the secondary section.
Teachers gave feedback about the current academic year and also put forth suggestions for the coming academic year, they expressed gratitude for the management and to one another for their cooperation.
The Management here at St. Blaise was honoured to award Ms. Glinita Coutinho with the prestigious Blaisian Star Award for the Academic Year 2023-24 in recognition of her consistency and devotion to this noble vocation. Ms. Coutinho's dedication extends beyond the classroom. Her commitment to excellence in teaching not only inspires her students but also sets a benchmark for her colleagues, fostering a desire to emulate her. Ms. Coutinho's passion and commitment are truly deserving of this recognition.
Also three other teachers viz Ms Shilpa Phadke (Supervisor), Mr Zaheer Abbas and Ms Alisha Athaide were honoured for their impeccable attendance record during the AY 2023-24 which stands as a testament to their steadfast dedication and reliability. Their consistent presence has set a powerful example for the entire Blaisian family.

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