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First Day of the School

15th June, 2024

On the first day of the new AY 2024-25 i.e on Saturday 15th June, the Blaisian staff organized Pravesh Utsav to warmly welcome students back to school.

The day started with a beautiful morning assembly conducted by the teaching faculty. Teachers took great care to decorate the blackboards in each classroom. Using colorful chalk and creative designs, they adorned the boards with welcoming messages, inspirational quotes and vibrant illustrations. These decorations not only made the classrooms more inviting but also set a positive tone for the new school year.

Pravesh Utsav was a delightful start to the new academic year here at St Blaise.The combination of beautifully decorated classrooms and engaging interactive games created a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The event successfully set the stage for a productive and enjoyable year, with teachers and students alike looking forward to the journey ahead.

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