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English Elocution Competition

2nd July, 2024 | Secondary Section

Competition Format : The competition was divided into two groups, Junior (Std V to VII) and Senior (Std VIII to X)

Junior Group Results :

1st Place: Muzzamil Shaikh (VI C)
2nd Place: Alizah Shaikh (VI B)
2nd Place : Haniya Shaikh (VII D)
3rd Place: Kaunin Bhagnani (VI A)

Consolation Prize Winners :
Samarth Salvi (V D)
Grace Fernandez (VII D)
Ishwari Vedekar (VI D)

Senior Group Results :

1st Place: Sanchit Phadke (X A)
2nd Place: Harshit Dhadve (IX A)
3rd Place: Aaron Sequeira (VIII D)

Consolation Prize Winners :
Halima Dhorajiwala (VIll B)
Nausheen Halai (X C)
Shifa Sheikh (X B)

Judges :
Junior Group
1) Mr Ajeesh Varghees (External Judge)
2) Ms Margaret Cardoz (Internal Judge)

Senior Group
1) Mr Ashley Rebeiro (External Judge)
2) Ms Tanu Jha (Internal Judge)

Teachers Incharge :
Mr. Anil Pinto
Ms. Ashwin Pimple
Ms Pooja Rathod
Ms. Komal Kaur

The competition was a success with impressive performances from all participants. The event aimed to encourage students to develop their confidence and public speaking skills.

Congratulations to all the participants & prize winners.

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