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100th Death Anniversary of Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj

6th May, 2023

In order to pay homage and commemorate the auspicious occasion of the 100th Death Anniversary of Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj dated 6th May, 2023, We at St. Blaise School conducted programmes like:
* Quiz Competition on the Life of Shahu Maharaj.
* Drawing Competition on the Portrait of Shahu Maharaj.
* Decorative chart of Shahu Maharaj prepared by the students.

Quiz Competition Questions
1. In which year was Shahu Maharaj born?
2. Who was Chhatrapatti Shahu Maharaj's grandfather ?
3.Which state did Shahu Maharaj rule?
4.Who was his prime minister?
5.What were the 3 restrictions imposed by Shahu Maharaj?
6.From whose hands did Shahu Maharaj eat food?
7.Which act was passed by Shahu Maharaj?
8. Which system was abolished and what was granted permission?
9.What was Rajashri Shahu Maharaj strongly opposed In which year did Shahu Maharaj die?

Drawing Competition
Std 9 A Tanishka wafelkar
Std 9A Aquib Malkhan
Std 8 B Shashank Balerao

Quiz Competituon
Std 9AChris Lobo
Std 8 A Mayuresh Choundker
Std 8 B Shanshank Balerao
Std 8 D Sanchit Phadke

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