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English Extempore Competition

5th July, 2023 | Std IX and X

Total number of students Participated - 31

Judges for the Competition
1) Mrs. Farina Shaikh Pathan ( External Judge)
2) Miss. Aniqah khan (Internal Judge)

Teacher Incharge - Mr. Zaheer Abbas

Winners of the Competition ( Std IX)
1) Mst. Sanchit Phadke (Red)
2) Ms. Ayesha Dhorajiwala (Yellow)
3) Ms. Zanin Creado (Red)

Winners of the Competition ( Std X)
1) Ms. Angel Fernandes
2) Ms. Liselle Rodrigues
3) Ms. Yonelle Dabreo
3) Mst. Cris Lobo

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