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Blessings Abound

7th July, 2023

Blessings Abound : Embracing a new academic journey

On Friday 7th July, 2023 Our school St Blaise was blessed by parish father's to mark the beginning of a new academic year with renewed dedication and enthusiasm . The school blessing ceremony commenced at 11:15 am . A beautiful prayer ceremony was conducted by Fr Leon and Fr Anthony along with melodious hymns sung by our school choir .
Once the entire school was blessed , all the catholic students assembled for mass at 12:15 pm in a church , which was celebrated by Fr Leon .
The school blessing ceremony held at St Blaise high school created a foundation for a fruitful academic year . It served as a powerful reminder of the importance of fostering a positive and inclusive educational environment .

Incharge Teacher
Mr.Anil Pinto
Ms. Alisha Athaide

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