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Parents Day

26th July, 2023 | Secondary Section

Results of Parent's Day Card Competion
Std V - VIII
26th July, 2023
Winners 🏆 of Card Competition are as follows:
Std 5 Theme: Heart ❤️ Shape Card

1st Prize 5A Miss Adiba Shaikh Blue House
2nd Prize 5B Miss Manashree Gohil Blue House
3rd Prize 5D Master Afhaam Raut Green House
3rd Prize 5D Miss Aarya Dulam Green House

Std 6 Theme: Chocolate 🍫 Shape Card

1st Prize 6B Miss Aliza Qureshi Yellow House
2nd Prize 6D Miss Reenee Joseph Green House
3rd Prize 6B Master Naumaan Pathan Blue House
3rd Prize 6C Miss Asamdi Mohsina Red House

Std 7 Theme: Cake 🎂 Shape Card

1st Prize 7C Master Kristen Sequeira Yellow House
2nd Prize 7A Miss Arisha Khan Yellow House
2nd Prize 7B Miss Asmi Jogale Yellow House
3rd Prize 7C Master Vanshik Chavan Blue House

Std 8 Theme: Flower 🌸 Shape Card

1st Prize 8D Master Anzal Shah Yellow House
2nd Prize 8B Miss Dimple Rathod Yellow House
2nd Prize 8A Miss Eshika Chavaria Green House
3rd Prize 8D Miss Vidhisha Sawant Green House

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