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Adieu to Mrs Yvonne Moraes

31st January, 2023

Mrs Yvonne Moraes an asst. teacher in our school voluntarily retired on 31st January 2023. She played a major role in forming the career of over thousand students for over three decades. Teacher Yvonne Moraes and her family was warmly welcomed by the Headmistress Rev.Sr. Bindu Joseph, the Blaisian staff and students.

The programme commenced with a meaningful prayer service imploring God's blessings on Mrs.Yvonne. A delightful programme then followed comprising of dances, an act ,speeches and a lovely
video presentation that took teacher Yvonne down memory lane. Headmistress Rev. Sr. Bindu Joseph delivered an impressive speech about Mrs Yvonne's contribution to the school. The Management, staff and students created an ambience of enjoyment for Mrs Yvonne to enjoy her last memories in the school.

The programme concluded with a sumptuous lunch served by Mrs Yvonne.

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