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Admission to Junior K.G.

The time and Date for confirming your Child's admission has been sent to you through WhatsApp / Email / SMS and a Phone Call.

Kindly be available in time on the given date.  Kindly go to the class mentioned in the message.

Kindly bring the following documents:
1. Demand Draft in favour of “BLAISIAN KINDERGARTEN” Amount Rs.31,250/- (Fees once paid will not be REFUNDED)”
2. Cash for School uniform amount Rs. 1600/- (Boy or Girl) (Please bring the exact amount).  Attendance of the child is compulsory for measurement of school uniform.
3. Original Municipal Birth Certificate of the child and Church (Baptism Certificate for catholic child)
4.  A blue pen

Failure to come on the date and time given would result in cancellation of the admission.

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