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Admissions 2024 - 2025

I wish to apply for admission for the Academic year 2024 - 2025 for my below mentioned child. I hereby agree to supply the information requested in the attached form. I agree that, if it is Later discovered that any information has been suppressed or found to be incorrect, this application may be rejected and could lead to dismissal form the academy. I fully appreciate the fact that the acceptance of this application is left entirely to the discretion of the academy authorities, and does not in any way guarantee admission. I hereby state that the signing of this application form implies unconditional acceptance of all the academy’s admission procedures and process, rules, regulation and fees in force and as may be changed from time to time. I am conscious of and acknowledge the Constitutional Right of the management to administer this minority educational institution according to their choice, and accept their decision on admission, favourable or otherwise, as final and binding. I further accept that trying to bring influence in any form or from any quarter shall summarily disqualify candidature. I have taken note of the long-standing stated policy of the academy banning donations linked with admissions. To prevent unscrupulous individuals and intermediaries taking advantage of gullible parents, I undertake to bring any such information and details to the notice of the Concerned Authority.

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