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English Elocution 

September 25, 2021 | Secondary

September 25th, 2021
The young speakers of 9th and 10th standard students showcasing their talent in English Elocution

The 9th and 10th standard students showed their speaking abilities, a total of 16 students participated. The speeches were in English, to be memorized, each contestant spoke on different topics and the time limit was 2 minutes. A great show of talent and a fun-filled program. A great effort from the teacher-in-charge, Judges and Participants.

9th Standard Prize winners,
1st Prize – Miss Diona Sequeira, Blue House, 9th A.
2nd Prize – Miss Renita Durai Singh, Green House, 9th C.
3rd Prize – Miss Swara Desai, Blue House, 9th C.
Consolation Prize – Master Zephan Fernandes, Red House, 9th C.

10th Standard Prize winners,
1st Prize – Miss Serena Fernandes, Red House, 10th C.
2nd Prize – Miss Ayesha Khan, Red House, 10th A.
3rd Prize – Miss Shahana Shaikh, Red House, 10th B
Consolation Prize – Miss Misbah Noorani, Red House, 10th C.

Judges – 1. Mrs.Judy Pereira.
2. Mrs.Pooja Rathod.

Teacher In-charge – Mr.George Bunch.

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