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English Extempore Competition.Std IX & X

July ,5 2022 |  Secondary

A great platform to hone your communication and time management abilities.
English Extempore competition for Std IX & X was held on 5th July, 2022.
24 Participants belonging to the four houses participated in the competition.
Teacher incharge—Mrs. Mona Pereira.
Judges—Master Wesley Pereira(External)
–Ms.Grecienne Misquitta(Internal)
Prize Winners—Std.IX.
1st Place—Cris Lobo( Blue House)
2nd Place—Liselle Rodrigues(Red House)
3rd Place—Angel Fernandes(Yellow House)
& Gargi Rahate(Yellow House)
1st Place– Swara Desai (Blue House.)
2nd Place—Renita Durai Singh(Green House)
& Zephan Fernandes.(Red House)
3rd Place—Diona Sequeira(Blue House)
& Ruth Fernandes.

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