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Marathi Elocution Competition Std V & VI

July ,4 2022 |  Secondary

Marathi Elocution competition was held on 4th July, 2022 for std. V & VI.
39 students participated in the competition.
Teacher incharge – Mr. Prashant Mhaskule.
Judges—Mrs. Manish Mahindrakar(External)
–Mrs. Veronica Correa.(Internal)
Prize Winners—Std V.
1st Place –Om Bhakare(Blue House)
2nd Place—Haniya Sayed(Blue House)
3rd Place—Bhoomit Gharat(Green House)
1st Place—Vanshika Chavan(Blue House)
2nd Place—Nikshita Kamble(Yellow House)
3rd Place—Christiano D’souza(Green House)

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