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Parents’ Day– A day to celebrate their important role in each one of our lives

August 26, 2022 | Secondary

Card Making Competition for the students of Std.V To VIII was held on 26th July 2022
The competition aimed at promoting gratitude towards their parents combined by creativity and self expression
Teacher In Charge :Mr.Yogendra Khatu & Ms JonitaVaz


STD. V 1st Place : Shruti Garate Blue House
2nd Place : Nikhat Siddiqui Red House
3rd Place : Hafiza Shaikh Green House
STD. VI 1st Place : Tanvi Kavi Yellow House
2nd Place : Shravnika Gaikwad BlueHouse
3rd Place : Atharva Dafal Yellow House
STD. VII 1st Place : Arshi Shaikh Red House
2nd Place : Naba Shaikh Red House
3rd Place : Gauri Shinde Green House
STD. VIII 1st Place : Maneet Patni Green House
2nd Place : Mujib Patel Green House
3rd Place : Shashank Bhalerao Red House

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