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Singing Talent

August 10, 2021 | Secondary

The singers of 9th and 10th standard students showcasing their singing talent.
August 10th, 2021.

The 9th and 10th Standard students voiced out their singing abilities, a total of 12 students participated. The songs were to be memorized, without any background music and for two to two and a half minutes of duration. A melodious showcase of talent and a fun-filled program. A great effort from the teacher-in-charge, Judges and Participants.

9th Standard Prize winners,
1st Prize – Paulo Coelho ( 9 A Blue House)
2nd Prize – Diona Sequeira ( 9A Blue House)
3rd Prize – (Tie) Zehra Jafri (9B Green House) and Renita Singh (9C Green House)

10th Standard Prize winners,
1st Prize – Iqra Shaikh (10 A…. Red House)
2nd Prize – Ryan Rodrigues (10C Red House)
3rd Prize – Dalene Fonseca (10B Yellow House)

Judges – 1. Mr.Charles Lopes.
2. Miss Aria Fernandes.

Teacher In-charge – Mr.Jackson Almeida.

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