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The Musicians With Instruments Of 5th And 6th Standard Students Showcasing Their Talents

September 20, 2022 | Secondary

The Musicians with instruments of 5th and 6th standard students showcasing their talents.
September 7th, 2021.

The 5th and 6th Standard students played various instruments to the best of their abilities. From Standard 5th, 8 students participated and from Standard 6th, 3 students participated. A total of 11 students participated each played their respective instrument for three minutes of duration. A wonderful orchestra of talents and a fun-filled program. A great effort from the teacher-in-charge, Judges and Participants.

Prize winners of 5th and 6th,
1st – Master Avner D’souza, 5D, Green House.
2nd – Master Param Prasad, 5D, Green House.
3rd – (Tie) Master Anderson D’Souza, 6A, Blue House. and Master Shlok Desai, 5A, Red House.

Judges – 1. Mr.Prince George (Singer, Composer, Music Producer, Pianist, Guitarist, Completed his 8th Grade in Music Trinity College of London)
2. Mr.Jackson Almedia.

Teacher In-charge – Mrs.Ruvel Ger.

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